Latest survey shows PKR slightly ahead

With polling day just around the corner in Hulu Selangor, independent research group Zentrum Future Studies Malaysia’s daily analysis reveals that voters there are slowly warming up to Pakatan Rakyat for the first time in three days.

Although PKR is showing a slight lead in its latest poll, the contest between their candidate Zaid Ibrahim and Umno’s P Kamalanathan is expected to be a very close one.

Both parties are expected to maximise the final hours in a final push to win the hearts and minds of voters before polling starts 8am tomorrow.

Each is bringing out their big guns with Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, who is Selangor BN chief, and deputy Muhyiddin Yassin heading the BN campaign while opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, along with DAP’s Lim Kit Siang and Kelantan Menteri Besar Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat lead Pakatan’s final assault.

Zentrum’s research findings – which is based on its daily ‘Micro Research on Political Confidence Perception’ – found Pakatan’s rating to be 51.7 percent as opposed to Barisan’s 48.3 percent.

In comparison, BN scored a 51.4 percent edge over Pakatan’s 48.6 percent in the same study conducted three days ago (late Thursday night).

The 3.4 percent differential is still of concern for both parties making the final lap critical in influencing how the locals will cast their vote.

Younger want Pakatan

The grassroots survey also revealed that Malays (61 percent) and Indians (54 percent) overwhelmingly favoured BN. The Chinese, however, showed a 78 percent preference for Pakatan/PKR

In terms of gender, Pakatan fared better with males (58 percent) supporting it in contrast to females, 69 percent of whom preferred BN.

Zentrum concluded that support for Pakatan had risen slightly as a result of improved communications and the role of the New Media. The results also suggest that ceramah and the presence of banners and posters in the constituency are beginning to show effect.

The Zentrum results were announced slightly before midnight last night via its Facebook page. All eyes will be on their findings at midnight tonight as the official campaign period ends.

Shunned by TV

Zentrum is a non-profit research organisation helmed by its founder cum president Dr Abu Hassan Hasbullah from Universiti Malaya (UM). It conducts micro studies on a daily basis to track sudden changes in voter behaviour. Through this, it hopes to successfully predict the future or outcome of a particular event.

Zentrum insiders also revealed that Abu Hassan, a media studies lecturer was being shunned by local television networks for the current by-election period following a directive from Putrajaya.

They pointed out that in the past he was normally invited by talk-show hosts and other current affairs programme producers to give his views on the run-up to polling day.

However, for the current by-election, they said Abu Hassan had not received a single invitation soliciting his views to date.

Hafiz Yatim/Mkini


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