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Pesan Gus Dur, “Berbuat Baik Apa Pun Suku dan Agamamu”

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Laporan wartawan Inggried Dwi Wedhaswary

JAKARTA, — Hermawi Taslim, salah satu orang terdekat presiden Republik Indonesia keempat, almarhum KH Abdurrahman Wahid (Gus Dur), tak menyangka bisa mendampingi dan turut dalam berbagai kegiatan Gus Dur dalam 10 tahun terakhir. Sebagai seorang non-muslim, ia tak menyangka bahwa seorang tokoh Nahdlatul Ulama membuka lebar pintu bagi dirinya.

Hermawi mengungkapkan, perkenalannya dengan Gus Dur pertama kali di NTT. “Saat itu, Gus Dur ke NTT untuk urusan PKB. Saya bertemu ketika transit. Beliau tanya, ‘Kamu orang apa?’ Saya jawab saya dari Nias. Beliau mengajak saya bergabung dan mengatakan, ‘Tidak penting apa pun agama atau sukumu. Kalau kamu bisa melakukan sesuatu yang baik untuk semua orang, orang tidak pernah tanya apa agamamu’,” kata Hermawi berbagi kisah tentang pesan yang diingatnya dari seorang Gus Dur kepada

Apa yang diutarakan Gus Dur menjadi pegangannya dalam berkomunikasi dengan siapa pun dalam 10 tahun terakhir. “Saya sangat terkesan dengan keterbukaan beliau yang tidak pernah membeda-bedakan,” ujar Hermawi, yang pernah menjabat ketua DPP PKB ini.

Terakhir kali, Hermawi bertemu Gus Dur pada Minggu (27/12/2009) di Gedung PB Nahdlatul Ulama, Jakarta Pusat. Biasanya, setiap akhir pekan, ada pertemuan rutin di PBNU untuk mendiskusikan berbagai perkembangan di Tanah Air. “Setelah itu, saya pamit kepada Gus Dur untuk berlibur bersama keluarga dan baru kembali hari ini. Saya menyesal tidak bersama beliau di saat terakhirnya,” kata Hermawi dengan terisak.


Al Fatihah: Gus Dur, 69 kembali ke Rahmatullah

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JAKARTA – FORMER Indonesian president Abdurrahman Wahid died in hospital on Wednesday aged 69, after a long battle with illness, a party official said.

Wahid, popularly known as Gus Dur, was practically blind, diabetic and had suffered strokes.

‘Gus Dur just passed away,’ said Lukman Edy from Wahid’s National Awakening Party. — AFP

What happened to this police report?

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Raja Petra Kamarudin

There appears to be a lot of noise in the mainstream media lately about whether I am still in Malaysia, if not then how did I get out and if I got out then where can I be, which passport did I use to get out of Malaysia and which passport did I use to get into the other country if I really did get out of Malaysia, and so on.

I think the above is just too complicating for the Malaysian police to solve. Solving the above would involve using your brain and this is certainly beyond the capabilities of the Malaysian police. As part of my community service to the Malaysian police, I am going to offer them a simpler problem to solve.

The police report below was made by Americk Sidhu, PI Bala’s lawyer, on 8 July 2008. That was about one-and-a-half years ago. I think one-and-a-half years is enough time even for the most stupid police force in the world and the Malaysian police force is certainly far from being the most stupid.

So, instead of trying to solve the problem of RPK, why not the Malaysian police and the IGP please tell us what happened to the investigation on the police report Americk made way back in July 2008.

Or did they just ignore Americk’s police report and threw it into the dustbin? The normal procedure would be they would call you to take your statement after you make a police report but Americk was never summoned in all that time. This gives an impression they are not pursuing the matter.

So what is all this talk about the MACC wanting to interview Bala but that he must first send them an official letter? Americk’s police report is more than just an official letter. It is stronger than an official letter.

Aiyah, MACC and PDRM very hau siau one lah! Full of bullshit! No need to worry about RPK. He is safe and happy. Get cracking on the very old police report below. We will give you 14 days to come out with your statement on what happened.


I, AMERICK SINGH SIDHU NRIC NO  561129-71-5251  hereby lodge the following complaint :

(1) I am practising as an Advocate and Solicitor in Malaysia.

(2) I was instructed by one Mr Balasubramaniam a/l Perumal (NRIC NO 600928-08-6235) in respect of documenting the facts and circumstances involving him in the Altantunya matter.

(3) This led to the affirmation of a Statutory Declaration by Mr. Balasubramaniam on 01.07.2008 . The affirmation of the said Statutory Declaration was done in my presence and I have personal knowledge of the facts and circumstances leading to the production and affirmation of the said Statutory Declaration dated 01.07.2008.

(4) Mr Balasubramaniam a/l Perumal held a Press Conference on the 04.07.2008. I am informed by media reports that another Statutory Declaration affirmed by Mr. Balasubramaniam and dated 04.07.2008 was made public on that day. The contents of the said 04.07.2008 Statutory Declaration suggests that the earlier Statutory Declaration dated 01.07.2008 was made ‘ under duress ‘.

(5) I acted in good faith in documenting the facts that led to the production and affirmation of the Statutory Declaration dated 01.07.2008 and I am satisfied it was made voluntarily and without any duress whatsoever.

(6) By reason of the matters stated above, I have reasonable grounds to believe that the second Statutory Declaration dated 04.07.2008 is suspicious on the face of it. The said document’s contents amount to criminal defamation of my character both personal and professional. I strongly believe person and/or persons have induced, threatened and caused the production of the 04.07.2008 Statutory Declaration by unlawful conduct.

(7) I request that an investigation be carried out to ascertain the person and or persons who unlawfully caused the said Mr Balasubramaniam a/l Perumal to state that the earlier Statutory Declaration dated 01.07.2008, which was made in my presence, was made under duress. I believe the offence of criminal conspiracy to cause criminal defamation would have been committed by this and/or these persons.

Dated this 8th day of July 2008

Americk Sidhu

berita hairan pandai-pandai buat cerita dongeng: Nik Aziz nafi Husam letak jawatan dan dua pegawainya dipecat

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Mamakutty kicked up a fuss: A gripping account of the Mamakutty years

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Barry Wain’s treatise on the Mahathir years is a gripping account of the 22-year long era that spanned the 1981-2003 years, a period characterised by unprecedented economic and physical development and rapid urbanisation and social change.

It is overall, a fair and independent account with meticulous cross referencing and footnotes albeit much information attributed to oral interviews to a handful of persons and perhaps lacking in corroboration. Many snippets are attributed to Abdullah Ahmad but many who know Dollah Kok Lanas might prefer to take his assertions with some pinches of salt.

It is nevertheless, essential reading for anyone interested in an authoritative précis of the Mahathir years and a well-documented one at that.

Even to seasoned observers of Malaysian politics, this book is a very timely refresher. I noted some assertions that were news to me such as Anwar Ibrahim having graduated in Malay Studies with honours. I remember it often repeated that Anwar spent five years on a three-year degree and eventually earned a general pass degree (or was this political propaganda that I took for fact?).

Or that Zaid Ibrahim was a former member of Aliran? The now-transformed Zaid was seen as a rather conservative fellow in his younger days and was founder president of the Malaysian Muslim Lawyers’ Association which took rather hardline positions under him in the 1980s so this is also a surprising revelation, if true.

Wain’s account of the 1985 Memali event when 14 members of an armed Muslim group were killed in a confrontation with police omits the fact that Musa Hitam was in charge as acting prime minister.

Indeed, many observed that not a few hard situations were handled by Musa when Mahathir, by accident or design, was away overseas; a notable one being the Sabah constitutional crisis of 1985 when Harris Salleh and Mustapha Harun attempted to seize power to subvert Joseph Pairin Kitingan’s electoral success.

Mahathir appeared to some as being incapable of taking hard decisions where it might affect his standing as prime minister and these two events are often quoted as events that might have taken different turns had Mahathir called the shots.

Of course, we know now that Mahathir sanctioned the assault on civil society activists attending the November 1996 Apcet II conference in Kuala Lumpur that resulted in the conference being forcibly stopped by Barisan Nasional rioters (with the cooperation of the police) and most of the participants carted to jail.

Mahathir kicked up a fuss

Another interesting reminder was Mahathir characterising China as a threat to Southeast Asia in his early years, this position was later to change to one where he asserted that China had never been a threat to others throughout its history as a nation.

There was considerable discussion of Mahathir’s early animosity towards the British but a very significant incident was missed. In 1981, Mahathir kicked up a fuss and caused the repatriation of a British envoy who had the ‘audacity’ of asserting publicly, (quite factually, to many observers) that British ‘blood, sweat and tears’ contributed much to Malaysia’s development as a nation.

There is also a repetition of the commonly-held view that the ruling coalition first lost its two-thirds majority in the March 2008 general election. In fact, the combined opposition first accomplished this in May 1969, which was, in many ways, a mirror image of the 2008 result.

Anwar’s trial was also described as the longest in Malaysian history. In fact, in recent courts history, this dubious distinction belongs to the Irene Fernandez trial.

In discussing Malaysia’s first large financial scandal – the BMF (Bank Bumiputra Malaysia) case, it would have been interesting if the dismissal of Bank Negara’s second governor, Aziz Taha in 1985 was researched as Aziz was reputed to be a ‘no-nonsense’ official of the Ismail Mohamed Ali genre and the circumstances of his dismissal at the height of the BMF scandal were never explained.

Many felt he was sacked for refusing to do something unconscionable. He was in turn succeeded by the late Jaffar Hussein, who was hand-picked by Mahathir from relative obscurity as a public accountant to head Malayan Banking, Malaysia’s largest bank. Jaffar of course was seen tainted by the currency speculation fiasco and resigned in disgrace from Bank Negara together with Nor Mohamed Yakcop as documented in the book.

Overall, ‘Malaysian Maverick’ is a very well-researched book that is difficult to put down once one started reading it. Highly recommended!

RICHARD YW YEOH is collaborations and governance director of the Research for Social Advancement (REFSA), an independent advocacy and publishing house. ‘Malaysian Maverick: Mahathir Mohamad in Turbulent Times’ is published globally by Palgrave Macmillan./Mkini

On Video Nizar Jamaluddin: Whither The Constitution? An Untold story

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Pemimpin Sunnah Wal Jamaah Tegas Anwar Tak Bersalah

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