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Malaysiakini barred entry: Perak state secretariat lockdown, again

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Security would be severely tightened at the Perak state secretariat building during the crucial state assembly sitting next month, from May 6 until May 11.


The state secretariat building, which houses the assembly hall and government offices, would be off-limits to members of the public during the duration.

Floors with access to the state assembly hall will also be off-limits to state secretariat staff that do not possess special permission.

The police would be cordoning off the building, while only a small number of journalists and three television crews would be allowed to cover assembly proceedings, which starts on May 7.

This is the second lockdown in three months. The first was to prevent an emergency sitting called by speaker V Sivakumar from being convened, resulting in the sitting being held under the now famous ‘democracy tree’.

Malaysiakini barred entry

Contacted today, state secretariat corporate and public relations department senior officer Noor Aniza Mansor said the move was ordered by state secretary Abdul Rahman Hashim.

Noor Aniza said that only those accredited by the state government would be allowed to enter the assembly hall.

“This is the state secretary’s directive to ensure a smooth meeting,” she said.

On the decision to limit the number of press personnel covering the assembly, Noor Aniza said only representative from “main media” are allowed entry.

However, entry is limited to only two journalists per organisation, except for state-owned RTM and TV3 who would be allowed to admit three personnel each.

Noor Aniza also said that all Internet-based media organisations, including Malaysiakini, would not be granted permission to enter the hall.

Pakatan will attend

The stage is now set for a May 7 legislative assembly showdown between the new Barisan Nasional government and speaker V Sivakumar, who BN is trying to replace.

In a related development, ousted Menteri Besar Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin has confirmed that Pakatan Rakyat state representatives would attend the assembly, albeit under protest, since notices for the assembly were issued without consent of the speaker.

“We will attend the assembly, out of respect to the speaker… We will be there to honour whatever decision the speaker makes,” he told reporters today, according to Star Online.

To a question, Nizar said that Pakatan would still sit on the right side of the speaker, reserved for the government members, and will not recognise BN as the legitimate government.

A suit filed by Nizar which will determine the rightful menteri besar of the state is pending at the Kuala Lumpur High Court.

Kuek Ser Kuang Keng & Andrew Ong, Mkini

Timbalan Pengerusi SPR diminta jadi calon penanti

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KUALA LUMPUR, 30 APRIL (SK) – Timbalan Pengerusi Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya Malaysia (SPR), Wan Ahmad Wan Omar wajar dijadikan calon Umno-Barisan Nasional bagi pilihanraya kecil Dun Penanti yang bakal diadakan.

Menurut Ketua Angkatan Muda KeADILan Malaysia, Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin Wan Ahmad wajar dijadikan calon BN kerana kenyataan beliau yang dianggap menyebelahi Barisan Nasional.

“Jika Wan Ahmad masih mahu mempertahankan pendekatan yang bersifat kosmetik untuk menjaga imej dan menjamin kemenangan BN, maka wajarlah jika beliau sahaja yang menjadi calon Umno-BN di DUN Penanti kelak,” kata Shamsul dalam satu kenyataan semalam.

Beliau berkata sedemikian sebagai mengulas mengenai kenyataan Wan Ahmad yang kononnya kecewa dengan pendirian Pakatan Rakyat yang menolak syor pendekatan baru proses pengendalian pilihan raya seperti yang dilaporkan media, 27 April lalu.

SPR telah bercadang untuk menguatkuasakan beberapa pendekatan baru. Antaranya ialah menghadkan bilangan penyokong parti politik yang bertanding serta menguatkuasakan ‘hari bertenang’ menjelang proses pengundian dan melarang berkempen memancing undi semasa proses pengundian berlangsung.

Menurut Shamsul, rancangan ini adalah sangat jelas bertentangan dengan amalan demokrasi di mana-mana negara demokratik di dunia ini.

“AMK percaya bahawa pendekatan ini diilhamkan dalam keadaan lima pilihanraya kecil yang berlangsung sebermula di Permatang Pauh sehinggalah yang terkini di Bukit Gantang, Bukit Selambau dan Batang Ai, menyaksikan BN ditenggelami dengan ribuan penyokong Pakatan Rakyat yang hadir sewaktu penamaan calon,” Kata Shamsul lagi.

Shamsul menambah, walau ramai manapun bilangan penyokong yang hadir, ianya bukan satu masalah sekiranya pihak keselamatan bersikap profesional untuk mengawal provokasi melampau daripada mana-mana pihak.

Malah menurut Shamsul, terbukti dalam siri-siri pilihanraya kecil sebelum ini, penyokong Pakatan Rakyatlah yang terpaksa berhadapan dengan ugutan dan provokasi melampau oleh samseng upahan yang ‘jelas kelihatan’ menyokong BN.

Demikian juga dengan penguatkuasaan larangan memancing undi dan juga pondok panas. AMK, menurut Shamsul tidak lupa bagaimana pada Pilihanraya Umum 2004, larangan yang sama dikenakan ke atas semua parti politik, tetapi BN dengan angkuh tetap membina pondok-pondok panas di kawasan pusat pengundian.

“AMK menegaskan bahawa Pakatan Rakyat sama sekali tidak akan menerima alasan kononnya untuk mengelakkan ketegangan dan ketakutan di kalangan pengundi untuk menunaikan tanggungjawab mereka,

“Pengundi memang akan sukar dan takut untuk mengundi jika 2 perkara ini dihalalkan oleh SPR : kebanjiran pihak polis di seluruh ceruk kawasan dan juga hari pengundian yang jatuh pada hari bekerja,” katanya lagi.

bn Flip-Flop: Bullies at home, cry-babies abroad

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That’s the Barisan Nasional (BN) government for you. All bully and bluster on the domestic scene, beating the people into submission with every weapon at its disposal – biased electoral system, bent judiciary, crooked police force, compliant media and all – and then, playing the victim on those rare occasions when the outside world can be bothered to comment on its activities.


That was Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s ploy throughout his 22-year premiership. He ruled the roost through the power of political patronage and corruption plus ham-fisted crackdowns like Ops Lalang, the sacking of top judges in 1988 and the show-trial of Anwar Ibrahim.

At the same time, he claimed that international critics of his methods were just jealous because Malaysia was, as he never tired of claiming, “the envy of the world”.

Now he’s up to his old trick again, claiming that unfavourable international comment on the elevation of Najib Abdul Razak to prime minister is some kind of conspiracy against poor little Malaysia by the big, bad world media. And BN’s latest propaganda chief, Rais Yatim, is happily playing along with this pathetic proposition.

Rais was recently quoted by BN mouthpiece Bernama as making the somewhat weird statement that the foreign media “would use various terminologies relating to the prime minister’s character to give the impression that he was unacceptable to lead the country”.

Having euphemised the situation with the peculiar phrase “various terminologies”, he then went on to make the utterly false claim that “certain issues” which could tarnish Najib’s good name were “mere allegations made up by the media in Europe and the United States”.

Rais knows as well as you and I do that these “mere allegations” he’s so at pains to dismiss were not made up by the media anywhere, let alone Europe or the US. These allegations were first made – as distinct from made up – in Malaysia – by independent journalists, bloggers and others with the courage to speak out, and continue speaking out, despite strenuous attempts by the BN government to silence them.

Principal among Najib’s accusers is, as everybody knows, MalaysiaToday founder Raja Petra Kamarudin, who as a result has been hounded by the government with charges including sedition and criminal defamation, and two months in detention under the Internal Security Act.

Raja Petra was released from detention on a writ of habeas corpus filed by a legal team led by activist and lawyer Malik Imtiaz Sarwar, who last week was awarded the Bindmans Law and Campaigning Award by London-based magazine Index on Censorship for outstanding service against injustice.

Dismal situation

Malik Imtiaz strikes me as the kind of man every Malaysian should be proud of rather than part of what the paranoid government would like to portray as an international plot against the nation.

To me he’s the very personification of that much-misused and abused virtue, patriotism.

Malik Imtiaz appears to love his country as much as he loathes its oppressors. And to judge from an article he wrote last week titled ‘The truth about Malaysia’, he doesn’t pull his punches.

”Architects of autocracies would benefit tremendously from studying the Malaysian model,” he began.

“It stands as a shining example of how, given the right combination of greed, ambition, maladministration and contempt for the rule of law, any democracy can be recast into an autocracy while preserving the veneer of democratic process.”

Following a discussion of Malaysia’s dismal situation under BN rule and the Raja Petra case in particular, he concluded: “The situation is precarious. Malaysians want change and the elites that form the government are in no position to deliver it. Continued suppression and repression is the only way in which power can be preserved. That does not bode well for the nation.”

Admittedly he was writing for the UK Guardian, not gruesome BN government organs like Star or New Straits Times, but it’s ridiculous to imagine that the Guardian or Malik Imtiaz are part of a foreign media conspiracy against Najib in particular or Malaysia in general.

In fact as former BBC correspondent in Malaysia, Jonathan Kent, wrote in a letter to Malaysiakini the other day, “…almost nobody in the international media gives a fig for Malaysia”.

“Having reported for more than five years on the country, I know from bitter experience that it was a constant battle to interest any editor in the place.

“If Najib is attracting unwanted international media attention it is probably because it is really rather unusual for a head of government to find himself linked to the brutal murder of an attractive young woman or to huge and questionable commission payments for the purchase of armaments.”

With all due respect to Kent, suspicions of criminality surrounding heads of government around the world aren’t quite as unusual as some of us would like.

The newly-elected leader of South Africa’s ANC, Jacob Zuma, springs to mind, as do the Burmese generals, Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, Sudan’s Omar Hassan al-Bashir, North Korea’s Kim Jong-il and dozens of their ilk on almost every continent.

But what they all have in common besides their ugly reputations, and thus their utter unfitness to govern, is their paranoid hypersensitivity to criticism.

So naturally whenever the world’s free media expose them for what they are, they see it as a monstrous conspiracy. But let’s not feel any more sympathy for these people than they do for their unfortunate citizens.

As long as BN and all the other bullies of the world seek refuge at home in secrecy and lies, let’s confront them with the truth internationally all the louder and more often, and ignore their cowardly, hypocritical cries.

Dean Johns, Mkini

1Malaysia: Sekadar Kosmetik dan Lunak Retorik!

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Konsep Satu Malaysia, ciptaan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak yang kini meniti dibibir setiap pemimpin Barisan Nasional adalah hanya sekadar slogan yang bersifat kosmetik semata-mata dan tidak lebih daripada itu.

Ketua Umum Keadilan, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim menulis dalam blognya, berkata, walaupun BN cuba menutup segala kelemahannya dengan satu lagi slogan kosong namun budaya rasuah, kronisma, amalan boros dan pembaziran serta perkauman masih hidup subur dalam budayanya.

“Namun jika ditinjau mendalam, apa yang diamalkan adalah sekadar kosmetik, atau botox yang menggantikan bedak sejuk dan celak.

“Kelonggaran dan liberalisasi adalah untuk menawan hati pengusaha kaya Cina asalkan tidak menjejaskan kepentingan projek, kontrak dan habuan kroni mereka.

“Dan isu lebih mendesak dari sudut prosedur tender, ketelusan, mengelak amalan boros, rasuah dan pembaziran tidak ditangani.

“Demikian slogan ampuh. Bagaimana pula dengan pengamalan “Satu Malaysia”? Lihat saja mesej perkauman dan assabiyah sempit dalam kursus BTN!,” jelas Ketua Pembangkang itu lagi.

Menurut Datuk Seri Anwar keadaan ini berbeza dengan pendekatan yang diambil oleh Pakatan Rakyat melalui gagasan Agenda Malaysia Baru yang menjurus kepada kepentingan rakyat terbanyak, termasuk kaum majoriti Melayu-Bumiputera terpinggir dan miskin atau Cina, India dan lain-lain kaum.

Tambah beliau lagi BN terpaksa mencerna satu lagi slogan bagi mengelirukan rakyat walhal hakikat yang dilaku adalah sebaliknya.

“Laungan di atas cukup melunakkan setelah (Menteri Besar) Pakatan Rakyat (Perak) difitnah sebagai alat Cina!

“Setelah didapati dukungan Cina dan India terhadap Umno-BN merosot parah, maka dikumandangkan semula slogan Satu Malaysia.

“Alahai mirip “Malaysian Malaysia” yang dituntut DAP sekian lama tetapi diserang Umno sebagai perkauman Cina.

Akhirnya pimpinan Umno sekonyong-konyong melutut kapada tuntutan perkauman,” tegas Ahli Parlimen Permatang Pauh itu.

Datuk Seri Anwar juga memberi contoh propaganda BN yang kononnya mahu berbicara mengenai perpaduan melalui Satu Malaysia tetapi realiti menunjukkkan dalam kursus anjuran Biro Tata Negara, golongan pelajar diracuni fikiran mereka dengan fahaman yang bertujuan melaga-laga  orang Melayu dengan kaum Cina.

Malah yang lebih dahsyat BN menyebarkan dakyat bahawa pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat seperti Datuk Seri Anwar dan Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat mengkhianati bangsa Melayu.

“Lagi pun tujuan mereka adalah untuk menyalahkan kalangan lain dan bukannya penjenayah dan perasuah besar yang menyebabkan Melayu hidup merempat setelah diperintah Umno selama setengah abad.

“Disebalik tabir, dalam gelap dan berselindung mereka menyerang tetapi bacul manakala berdepan!,” ujar beliau. TVantara

PKR to erect pondok panas on polling day

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PKR will adhere to the Election Commission’s condition to bar active campaigning on polling day, but will still erect electoral booths (pondok panas) near all polling stations during the Penanti by-election in Penang.


The party also disagrees with the EC’s rule to restrict the electoral campaign period for eight days from nomination day on Saturday May 23 until midnight on May 30, the eve of polling day.

PKR national election machinery director Saifuddin Nasution slammed the eight-day campaign period as ridiculous, insufficient and inadequate for any contestants to prepare the election machinery, mobilise workers and supporters and disseminate their messages across to electorates.

“A short campaign period is unjust and unfair,” he told reporters after speaking at a public forum organised by the party Bayan Baru division’s Youth wing in Penang last night.

He said the party would start its campaign soon, well before nomination day, but would stop canvassing votes on polling day on May 31, to provide the cool off period for electorates.

He said pondok panas were erected by political parties not to canvass votes but to compliment EC and provide an electoral service to voters to cast their ballots without much hassle.

“It’s a free service provided by political parties to all voters. I don’t understand why the EC wants to stop this,” said Saifuddin, the Machang parliamentarian.

He also recalled that EC banned pondok panas in the 2004 general election, only to lift it before the polling day without informing non-Barisan Nasional parties.

“Then Barisan Alternatif did not erect any pondok panas but BN did. We are going ahead with our pondok panas,” he said.

EC head Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof said political parties and their supporters will be prevented from canvassing for votes and campaigning on polling day in the Penanti by-election to allow a cooling-off period for voters to make their choice.

“We have allowed a campaign period from the nomination day until midnight eve of polling day on May 31, and all parties will have to campaign within that (period),” he added.

He also did not rule out the possibility that the number of supporters accompanying candidates on nomination day would be limited to a “sensible” number, so that the police strength can also be reduced.

To this, Saifuddin pointed out that it was the duty of the police, not the EC, to maintain law and order during election period.

“An election is a democratic fun fare for Malaysians. What’s wrong in political parties mobilising its supporters by the thousands to accompany their candidates during nomination day?

“EC should stick to its job of conducting a fair and just electoral process for all parties and people,” stressed Saifuddin, who said the PKR election machinery was well oiled and geared up to secure a big victory in the Penanti by-election.

Looking at a big win

Disclosing that the party had identified its position, prospects, issues and problems it would face in the campaign, he said his team had drawn out a comprehensive and aggressive election strategy to tackle all obstacles to secure a big win.

“We are prepared and up to the challenge in Penanti. I believe our winning prospect is good although we have to work hard to secure it.

“We are looking at a big win,” said Saifuddin who will head the Pakatan Rakyat election operations in Penanti.

The seat fell vacant when former Penang deputy chief minister I Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin resigned on April 16

The state seat comes under PKR supremo Anwar Ibrahim’s Permatang Pauh parliamentary constituency – a PKR stronghold.

In the Permatang Pauh by-election last August, Penanti voters gave Anwar a thumping majority of 3,276.

PKR’s Abdul Rahman Abdul Kadir won the state seat in 1999 before losing it to Permatang Pauh Umno chief Abdul Jalil Abdul Majid in 2004. He in turn lost to Mohammad Fairus last year.

First-timer Mohammad Fairus took the seat with a majority of 2,219. He polled 7,346 votes against Abdul Jalil’s 5,127.

Former academician and PKR state deputy leader, 58-year-old Mansor Othman is the PKR candidate for the by-election.

Although Umno has not decided on whether to field a candidate, Saifuddin believes the rival party would eventually contest due to grassroots pressure.

He expects Umno to play up the issue of ‘Mansor the outsider’ to stir local sentiments during the campaign, but it would not have much impact on the result.

“There are so many people who have contested and won outside their home state, including myself.

“I am a parliamentarian from Kelantan and previously won the Lunas state seat in Kedah even though I was actually born in Singapore,” said Saifuddin.

Fairus issue needs to be addressed

When contacted, Mansor, the PKR Balik Pulau division chief  who was born in Bayan Baru, acknowledged that Umno would use the issue to stir local sentiment.

“But I don’t think it would work because people are more interested in service-orientated representatives, someone who can deliver.

“Moreover I am not an alien to the area for I have worked for the party in Penanti since I was the state chief in 1999,” he told Malaysiakini.

Saifuddin however, conceded that the party needed to address the disgruntlement of PKR supporters and constituents over the “Fairus episode.”

An estimated 30 percent of the electorate is said to be unhappy over the manner the party leadership handled the controversy.

“We will explain thoroughly on the reasons for Fairus to resign and the need to replace him with a new leader,” said Saifuddin, adding that the former Penanti representative would also join the party campaign.

Athi Veeranggan, Mkini

Material on Altantuya and najib Altantuya sell like hot cakes

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By Wong Choon Mei

If Prime Minister Najib Razak and his supporters think the fuss surrounding the murder-and-commission case of beautiful Mongolian translator Altantuya Shaariibuu will fade now that two policemen have been found guilty and sentenced to hang for her killing, then they couldn’t be more wrong.

Judging by the way Malaysians snapped up material detailing her horrific murder by ruthless people, the 28-year old Altantuya – who was pregnant when she was shot in face and then bombed to pieces to avoid identification – is set to become part of national folklore.

Much the same as actress Marilyn Monroe – allegedly the mistress of a former president – is in US political history.

More than 1,000 packets containing translated copies of foreign news reports on the Altantuya story were sold out within minutes. The pack also contained a book plus VCD on an assault alleged to have been committed by Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Vendors who priced the pack at RM10 each had set up stall at a forum organised by Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s Bayan Baru Youth wing on Wednesday night.

PKR leaders who attended were Machang MP Saifuddin Nasution, Batu Maung assemblyman Abdul Malik Kassim, Pantai Jerejak’s Sim Tze Tzin, Batu Uban ‘s V Raventhiran and supreme council member Badrul Hisham.

The event is one of the many ceramah or political lectures lined up ahead of the Penanti by-election, which is due to polled on May 31. Nomination day is May 23.

In his speech, Saifuddin, who is also PKR election director, asked the Umno-BN government to explain why there were so few congratulatory messages from other world leaders when Najib took over as Malaysia’s sixth prime minister on Apr 3.

“Is it because of Altantuya’s articles that appeared in 19 international newspapers?” asked Saifuddin.

“If Najib has nothing to do with the murder, he should immediately sue these international newspapers that linked him to the gruesome killing,” said Badrul, the Rembau division chief.

Sue or face Altantuya at her funeral

To protect the image and reputation of the country, Badrul then issued an ultimatum to Najib. Sue and clear your name, or face the wrath of Malaysians!

He plans to organise a mammoth funeral for Altantuya, with a convoy of vehicles carrying a coffin containing her effigy from Rembau to Penanti if Najib does not begin legal proceedings before May 23.

The move is intended to shake Najib out of what is perceived to be deliberate inaction on his part. Despite protesting his innocence, huge question-marks abound in the murder trial, especially when his close associate Razak Baginda was acquitted of abetting her murderers in a court ruling that has confounded the nation and legal practitioners alike.

As a result, public disquiet has simmered and intensified over the brutal murder and the RM530 million commission Najib allegedly swung from French shipbuilder Armaris for Malaysia’s purchase of three high-tech submarines.

The conservative Parti Se-Islam Malaysia or PAS earlier this week wrote to the Council of Malay Rulers seeking the establishment of a Royal Commission to probe Najib involvement in the case.

“Reports alleging the existence of a relationship between Najib and Altantuya through the purchase of a fleet of submarines have been reported in India, Australia, Korea, Thailand, etc,” PAS said in its letter.

“These reports have been featured by no less than 19 international media organisations, and all of them depict the prime minister as a person who is corrupt and involved in abuse of power, sex scandals as well as the murder of the Mongolian model.”

PAS also warned that unless a full-scale independent inquiry was carried out immediately, not only would Malaysia’s image be tarnished, but its economy may suffer as foreign investors lose confidence in its institutions and legal system.

“This shows that Najib’s credibility as a prime minister has been openly questioned at the international level. We are also worried that if Altantuya father, Setev Shaariibuu, is unsatisfied with the Malaysian High Court, he may bring the case to the International Court of Justice.” SK

‘Sue or we stage mock funeral for Altantuya’

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A PKR leader has challenged Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to sue all the international media groups that linked him to the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu or face a mammoth nationwide mock funeral procession for the slain Mongolian national.


In issuing the ultimatum at a public forum in Penang last night, PKR supreme council member Badrul Hisham set nomination day for the Penanti by-election (May 23) as the dateline for Najib to file his suits against the media groups across the globe.

“If he has nothing to do with the murder, Najib should immediately sue those international newspapers, some 19 of them, that linked him to the gruesome killing,” he said.

Badrul, the PKR Rembau division chief, told this to some 1,000 people in a hard-hitting speech during the forum held at a municipal wet market complex in Bayan Baru.

If Najib failed to meet the dateline, Badrul, commonly known as “Chegu Bard”, warned that he will lead a mammoth convoy of cars and trucks carrying a coffin of Altantuya’s effigy from Rembau to Penanti during the by-election campaign.

PKR national election machinery director and Manchang parliamentarian Saifuddin Nasution, local assemblypersons Abdul Malik Kassim (Batu Maung), Sim Tze Tzin (Pantai Jerejak) and V Raventhiran (Batu Uban) also spoke at the forum organised by PKR Bayan Baru division’s Youth wing.

‘Remote controlled by Dr M’

Meanwhile, an enveloped package, containing translated copies of foreign newspaper reports on the Altantuya murder, and a book and a video compact disc on an alleged assault crime committed by Minister in Prime Minister’s Department Ahmad Zahid Hamidi enjoyed brisk sales at the forum.

Within minutes after Badrul introduced the RM10 package, which had Altantuya’s photograph on the cover, some 1,000 envelopes were sold like hot cakes.

The package is set for brisk sales during the Penanti by-election campaign period.

Badrul said he could not help but take a swipe at Najib over the Altantuya episode for it involved the image, reputation and pride of the country’s prime minister.

“When the prime minister is implicated in such a crime, the country is at risk of being controlled by the foreign powers. We risk international condemnation,” said Badrul.

In his speech, Saifuddin called on the government to explain the reasons behind the lack of congratulatory messages from governments around the world for Najib’s appointment as the country’s sixth prime minister.

“Is it because of the (Altantuya’s) articles that appeared in 19 international newspapers?” he asked.

He said although Najib was against Umno contesting the Penanti by-election, the party would eventually field a candidate because “the prime minister is just a puppet of former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.”

Since Mahathir wanted Umno to challenge PKR in Penanti, he said Najib would follow orders because “the former premier is the remote controller of the current premier.”

“Najib does not have the backbone to stand up against his old master. This is dangerous because it would revive Mahathirism and send Malaysia back to the dark ages,” he said.

Athi Veeranggan, Mkini