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The History of Kobe Beef :Raising Wagyu Cattle in Japan

Posted in Wagyu on May 18, 2008 by ckchew

In many respects, the raising of Wagyu cattle is one of the few remaining generally traditional activities in modern Japan. But this is a relatively new tradition.

Until about 1960, most beef in Japan was produced from cattle kept primarily for draught purposes. As machines replaced cattle as beasts of burden, raising cattle for beef became a specialized undertaking. In this sense, commercial beef production in Japan has little more than a forty year history. These four decades have seen enormous changes in the production methods and in the location of cattle raising. Nevertheless, some aspects of the traditional beef cattle sector remain relatively undisturbed by modern technology.

In Japan, grazing is relatively rare even with tethering. Grazing areas are only available on mountain sides and in other remote areas where rice and other crops cannot be grown. Also, as each Wagyu beast is extremely valuable and the herds so small, owners do not wish to risk the physical dangers associated with grazing. Continue reading

Damning conclusions from Lingam video findings

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The Malaysian Insider

Datuk V.K. Lingam, Tun Ahmad Fairuz Abdul Halim, Tan Sri Vincent Tan, Tun Eusoff Chin and others seriously undermined the independence and the integrity of the judiciary by their actions of fixing the appointment and promotion of judges. Continue reading